Meet the Imposter: Gopi Kommi

Maintained by affected parties and haters of Gopi Kommi. We hope this blog gets indexed soon and we caution others from dealing with this person with mala fide intentions and ulterior motives. Feel free to comment if you have been affected in any manner.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Activities of Kommi

Oh, we need to talk about our Gopi Kommi more often. He is a true conman, and his activities include the following:

1. Getting in contact with Indian graduates from US universities, promising them big jobs after graduation and using the interim period to get ad-hoc work done through them, and of course not paying them. The promise about a handsome jon, duh!!!

2. Be online for 20 hours a day, call in wee hours to show off his psychic working all day long like a mad dog, join a few networking sites and get more names added to his phonebook. And then we are ready to play mind games with all of them, Yippee!!

3. Will contact magnanimous companies and get in touch with the VPs and CEOs and CFOs and what not, by sending a mail that talks about millions in angel investment and giving stories about how he has this idea of making ethanol from corn and kitchen waste and quite possibly sweage and what not. If he managed to get a response, of course everyone in his address book gets an email saying that help is on the way, so they can be ready to join his corporation (oh theres more to this, point number 4) and start earning millions. What are you guys waiting for, we will change the world. With the simple idea that no one ever thought of. We could make ethanol from nothing, you see!

4. He likes fancy names. Johnny Zip, Harita Energy, and he is not the owner, not the president, but Chief Sower for these goddamn companies. Well no one else in the world knows anyone can open a company in Nevada, so thank goodness, no one will ever identify that this guy is a big humbug and a fraud.

Theres a lot more, but we will get there!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gopi Kommi - The Chief Exploitation Officer

* * * W A R N I N G * * *

This is to inform the public at large to be careful when doing business with the following person:

Gopinath Kommi alias Gopi Kommi (Indian)
(No Permanent Address - We have specific information that he currently stays in a motel in Oakbrook Terrace.)

A lot of people have been hurt financially in dealing with this person.
Gopi is doing chain businesses, one after another, promising everyone either job or investment, holding undocumented guys, taking advantage from them. He does not have investment and does business on OPMs (Other people's money)

His approach is simple, send an email to any corporation executives and get responses. For them, they are not investing, they are looking to expand businesses. Gopi has everything on emails. he does not pay any bucks. Neither he has credit nor associates who want to take big risks.

Secondly, he tries to get too friendly with innocent university students (in the USA and India) and lures them with green card assistance/lucrative job offers. He is out of status right now. He even tried to get married to someone for paper sake and that also failed, maybe if he grabs someone, he may try out that also.

He is a self proclaimed CEO/Founder of many companies, one of which is Encore Global which was shut down in IL 2 years back. We have specific information that he currently stays in a motel in Oakbrook Terrace. Does not have any offices in Kearney, NE and Oakbrook, he claims in his emails.

We hereby request the public and the student community in general not to coduct any business dealings without completing proper due diligence on Mr. Gopinath Kommi or his companies.

Verify his Federal Tax ID? his physical address? his land line contact information? or cell phone number registered in his name?

Though we initially believed that Mr. Gopi could be a part of a larger network operating under the current modus operandi, that was not to be true. All but two of his prime associates are willing to join hands with us in our every effort to bring justice to all the affected parties. We have every reason to believe now that they could be Mr. Gopi’s partners in crime. They are Dr. Chalasani Prasad and Mr. Ravindranath Kommi.

Be cautious of
Gopi Kommi / Gopinath Kommi / / / / / / /